The Library

God has blessed Pastor West and Lady West with a profound understanding of the Word of God. Our focus at West Side is to empower the people of God, wherever they are, to achieve the destiny that God has for them, through an intimate knowledge of the Word.



Lady West completed this awesome study on a word we often overlook. This study will help us understand that iniquity is yet alive and we must always be aware!

Intercessors-Altar Workers Guide.pdf

Altar Worker's Guide

This brief study by Lady West illustrates how to effectively minister to souls during altar prayer. The power of prayer is not reserved for clergy, find that same power inside you!


The Fasting Seminar

"Fasting" is a discipline that is not utilized often in the church anymore, however, it is a fruitful practice we should incorporate in our walk.

A Study on the End Times.pdf

A Study on the End Times

This study is a very high level overview on the period from the Rapture of the Church to our entrance into the Holy City. There are some things here that you may not agree with but it will get you thinking about our future.

Dealing With The Pain.pdf

Dealing with the Pain

This study speaks to how to handle emotional pain and grief using the Word of God.

The Spirit of Absalom (Rebellion).pdf

The Spirit of Absalom

This study looks at one of the most horrible examples of rebellion in the Bible and asks us to examine our attitude towards leadership, in light of the study.

The Biblical View of Water Baptism.pdf

A View on Water Baptism

I’m not trying to stir up controversy but teaching on this subject is especially needed among Pentecostal churches. If you don’t agree with what I have to say, let’s just plan to ask the Lord about it in the Holy City...together!

How to Study the Bible.pdf

How to Study the Bible

In this teaching, the focus is on the tools needed to help us in our search for Truth. As you go through this quick study, you'll notice how much things have changed and become easier to access since 2007, when the class was held.

A Study on Grace - the Heart of God.pdf


Grace is God saying, “I’ve got this!” It represents the heart and very nature of God. Too often we misrepresent God as harsh and judgmental keeping people from His great salvation.

Divine Guidance.pdf

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance is simply finding out what God wants us to do in certain situations, with decisions, with our lives or whenever we need to know that the move we’re about to make is not just a “good idea” but in line with His will for our lives.